•   Developing applied clinical and fundamental research in accordance with the research priorities of country

  •  Developing national and international relations in the field of research

  •  Creating a framework for the best use of technologies needed for the research, especially modern technology

  •  Providing facilities for the academic members and students to use information resources

  •  Holding research workshops based on the needs of the audience

  •   Providing consulting services in the field of student research projects and   theses

  •   Supporting researchers and technologists

  •   Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research

  •   Attracting and developing physical, financial and human resources

  •  Commercializing and developing quantitative and qualitative research products



    Associated offices

  • Department of health technology development

  • Research consultation center

  • Student research committee

  • Department of publications and libraries

  • Health research center






























Vice Chancellor for Research

Abdolazim Nejatizadeh, MD



  • Publications

  • Research Centers

  • Libraries

  • Adminstrations



































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