•  Planning and preparing general principles of academic programs

  • Continuously evaluating students and academic members

  •  Planning and supervising short term educational courses

  • Supervising and administering Medical Education Development Center

  • Reviewing necessary changes and developments in curricula    

  • Constant monitoring of the good performance of each school

  • Decision making to improve the quality of teaching and the proposed principles in this area

  • Planning special programs for gifted students

  • Communicating with other universities and educational institutes in order to do student and educational exchanges   

  • Associated Offices:

  • Education Development Center (EDC)
    Continuing  Medical Education (CME)
    Education services office 
    Postgraduate office
    Gifted and Talented office  


  Vice Chancellor for Education

Seyyed Alireza Sobhani, MD

Email: ssobhani44@hums.ac.ir


  • Schools

  • Degrees and Programs

  • Departments 

  • Adminstrations













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