• Planning and supervising the implementation of treatment projects 

  •  Supplying and distributing medical and paramedical personnel

  •  Monitoring the provision and distribution of medical equipment 

  •  Continuously monitoring and evaluating all health centers in the province

  •   Providing drug and treatment services for the special-needs patients and efforts to inform and educate patients

  •  Offering emergency services at the shortest possible time and the least side effect

  •  Conducting applied research to improve public health and health problems

  •  Monitoring and evaluating laboratories

  •  Supervising affiliated medical institutions, including universities and hospitals and rehabilitation institutions, private and charitable hospitals


    Associated offices


     Hospital affairs and clinical services

     Monitoring and Accreditation Unit

     Nursing offices unit

    Office of health economics, health technologies and   


    Emergency management

    Maternal and Child Health unit

    MMT unit


Vice Chancellor for Treatment

Mahdi Hassani Azad, MD



  • Hospitals

  • Adminstrations













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