•   Planning for the delivery of health services and efforts to provide, maintain and promote health

  •   Coordinating among  units in order to provide optimal health care

  •   Attracting Intersectoral cooperations with other agencies and related organizations

  •   Determining and prioritizing the educational needs of society and the environment of the province

  •   Coordinating the affairs related to the construction, operation and equipment of health centers and health units

  •   Providing human resources needed for health centers

  •  Discovering present and future health care needs of the population undercover


      Associated offices


    Development unit of health centers

    Family health unit

    Diseases prevention and control units

    Environmental and occupational health unit

    Health education and promotion unit

    Addiction and Mental health unit

    Lab affairs unit

    Drug affairs unit





Vice Chancellor for Health


Yahya Mirzadeh, MD







  • Health Centers

  • Adminstrations




















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