•  Providing and developing drug services quality system

  •  Providing needed drugs for special diseases

  •  Monitoring the distribution of these drugs at the affiliated units of this university

  •  Supervising all private and governmental drugstores under the coverage of this university

  •   Monitoring food and cosmetics factories, storehouses and distribution centers 

  •   Controlling the quality of food, cosmetics and hygienic samples to provide the best protection of consumers for these products

  •   Training services for technical staff of HUMS and manufacturing factories

  •   Promoting and publicizing proper food culture in the community


      Associated offices

    Directory of management on food, hygienic and cosmetic products

    Directory of management on drugs and narcotics

    Directory of management on laboratories

    Directory of management on medical equipment






Vice Chancellor for Food & Drug



hosein Ghasemi, MD






  • Health Centers

  • Adminstrations




















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