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How to Apply for Degree-Based Courses at Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences

Note 1: All admission process is online and carried out either through online application form or sending your application to iasc.info@hums.ac.ir . From the early steps to the pre-registration phase, there is no need to refer to the University in-person except for final registration which is notified through email. The application process might complete within 1-3 months depending on different criteria such as the applicant’s Grade Point Average (GPA) and his/her requested course and semester.

Note 2: In order to fulfill the admission process successfully, the application standards should be strictly observed.

Note 3: Final registration is merely done (on determined dates) after getting an Educational Visa (not tourist visa) from the responsible office and confirmation of the Vice Chancellor for Education.

Note 4: The accommodation of single students in any residential house not affiliated to Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences is prohibited by Iranian law and all international students must stay in dormitories belonging to the University.

In the case of married students, unfortunately, the University cannot provide the accommodation for other family members (wife/husband/children, etc.) currently; but if the married students wish to be accommodated in the dormitory of single students, the University can help them get a room.

Also, if married students want to have their family members accommodated in the city, they might refer to the Immigration and Passport Office and complete the process to obtain the needed permissions. Afterward, they can rent a flat outside the University.

Note 5: International Affairs Office is committed to observe all the standards and complete all the assigned procedures in the due time. Hence, there is no need for such follow-up measurements as making phone calls, sending duplicate and periodic emails (spamming), inperson reference, etc.)

Note 6: Blue expressions are hyperlinked.


Application Procedure

In order to apply for degree-based courses at Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences please take the following steps chronologically:

1) Study Courses, Fees and Admission Conditions.

2) Provide a scan of your following documents:

  Latest certificate (resolution less than 100 kb)

  Valid passport with more than 6 months validity from the beginning of your educational semester (colorful; format: jpg; size: smaller than 100 kb and larger than 10 kb; horizontal; resolution: height of at least 600 pixels and width of at least 800 pixels)

  Biometric/passport photo (colorful; format: jpg, size: smaller than 100 kb and larger than 10 kb; vertical; resolution: height of at least 600 pixels and width of at least 400 pixels) 3

3) Fill out the MS-Word file of Application Form (Please fill out the digital file using a keyboard and NOT the printed version using a pen).

4) Email the filled documents of parts 2 and 3 to iasc.info@hums.ac.ir or apply through online application form.

5) Wait for the early result (accepted or rejected) which is announced via email. If the applicant is admitted, an early admission letter is sent to the applicant’s email address with which all correspondence has been done.

6) Wait for the educational visa note which is sent to the applicant’s email address by the International Relations Office (The visa note will be sent to the email to which the applicant’s documents were sent).

7) Within two month of receiving the visa note, please refer to an Iranian embassy or consulate in your preferred city (filled in your application form). Do not forget to take your valid passport and visa note.

8) Travel to Bandar Abbas, the capital city of Hormozgan province and refer to the Vice Chancellery for Education of the University according to the announced dates by email and hand in the required documents to finalize your registration. The needed documents include: birth certificate, ID card, passport, six 3*4 passport photos, original translated versions of personal documents legalized by the Iranian embassy or consulate, original version of the latest degree, original translated version of the latest degree legalized by Iranian embassy or consulate).

If there is any question, you can call the International Affairs Office at 71-33335010.